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Face of Thea Half-Size Figure Michael's Portrait Portrait of Thea
 Portrait of Shanika  Full-Life Figure  Life - Size Figure of Lea Portrait of Moshe  
 Portrait of Moshe  "New Level of Reality" - Large Scale Painted Steel Sculpture
 "The Dove" Memorial Glass Maze Proposal, at Ground Zero Memorial Site Proposal - "The Dove" Glass Maze 2003  
Detail - "The Dove" - Glass Maze Proposal for Ground Zero
Night View - "The Dove" - Memorial Glass Maze
Detail of the Memorial Glass Maze Lit Up at Night
Aimee I. Margolis


I consider everything I do as having a strong sculptural element, even my photography. Here my true sculpture is solid, 3-dimensional, and large-scale. The Portrait Figurative pieces are generally life-size, sculpted in clay and then are casted in other materials. These Portraits are by commission only .

"A New Level of Reality" - Is a painted steel sculpture portraying the after effects of September 11th and the new reality we are living under. The piece is 25 feet by 21 feet. Private Collection.

The World Trade Center Memorial Proposal -"The Dove" is the largest proposed free standing maze, made entirely from laminated glass. Stronger than concrete, the glass will endure and would be a fitting memorial to the fallen victims of September 11th. The names of the fallen would be engraved permanently on the glass walls. The designed would be viewed at night by fiber-optic lights. Viewed by air it would be a awe inspiring sight and a testimony to our freedom. The Dove, would have been an unforgettable memorial to the fallen as well as to the living, because in a hundred years from now, we need this monument to be a wonder to the free world.

I am sorry to say my proposal was not chosen, nor anyone else's out of 5,000 entries that didn't come from the old mind set of the 80's that has now become so generic since Maya Lin designed the then original Vietnam War Memorial, more than two decades ago. The chosen design for the memorial site is typical of the stark stone designs you see in city plazas and malls all over the country, neither memorable nor original.
To view the entries and the winner of the World Trade Center Competition for the Ground Zero Memorial Site check out For price list, please contact :

The "The Dove" - Glass Maze 2003

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