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"Cynicism" C-Print 40 x 60" "Melancholy" C-Print 60 x 40" "Death" C-Print 40 x 60" "IN POWER" #23
"IN POWER" #11 "IN POWER" #11 "IN POWER" #24 "IN POWER" #21
"IN POWER" #10 "IN POWER" #18 "IN POWER" #7 "IN POWER" #13
"Mingling Words #120 Macho" "#120 Fear" "Mingling Words #148 Fear" "#126 Jews As News"
"#110 War for Minds" "#144 War for Words" Bill Board - "True Freedom ..." "Who"
"Sermon of the Day" "Guilty or Guiltless" "Why" "Stigmatization"
Aimee I. Margolis


Alternative Photography is not documentary photography. There is no person or place you can take a picture of. The subject matter does not exist
in the usual form. Alternative photography is more conceptual, with the idea becoming more vivid through photographic means.

My work is not manipulated through a computer, but exposed with a traditional camera. Using live models, and myself, I shot the work in actual time. So in the end, what you see in the negative is what you see in the final work.

MELANCHOLY, CYNICISM, and DEATH are a three part series of photographs and large scale, 40 x 60".

IN POWER series of photography are C-prints 24 x 36" in size. There are about 23 images in the total series.

MINGLING WORDS, are funny and serious at the same time with the interweaving of words and images. The series has about 25 images 30 x 40" in size and a limited edition.

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"Mingling Words" - #110 War for Minds

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