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 "Chocolate Child" - Painting in dark, white, & blue chocolate with
edible gold powder
"Portrait in Chocolate" -White and dark chocolate with edible gold leaf   Adam & Eve detail from "Art with a Bite Chandelier"  "Art with a Bite" - Edible Chandlier
Detail of Edible Chandelier copy  Edible Cookie Pins Gallery Show of "Edible Art - 2004 Chocolate Paintings hung on wall
EAT ART - Art Exhibition
Tirmesu Project Art Show Cake
Aimee I. Margolis


I have always had a fascination for art that is food, and have been collecting Food Art for a number of years from other artists.

My pieces have been exhibited at a yearly art event called "EAT ART" curated by Yan Kong. My work has incorporated ginger spice cookies with icing, candies, and sugar glass effects to make an edible 4 feet high chandelier. Last year, I also made wearable art cookie pins and paintings in chocolate with frames dusted with edible gold powder.

The extraordinary exhibit, "EAT ART" incorporates the sprit of performance with audience participation in an "Art Happening" scene. Where the artistic and the sensual, combine to intensify the artistic experience through sight, smell, and taste. The web site for EAT ART and up coming exhibitions of edible art is listed at:
Hope to see you there. For further information

"Light Bites" Chandelier - by Aimee Margolis 2003

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