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"Memorially" - Detail
Colored Photo-Plates on painted canvas.
24" x 24"
"Memorially" Painting on canvas with 4 plates "Memorially" - Detail
Colored Photo-Plates on canvas.
"Hoshev" - Profile Plate
 "Mazal Tov" plate on canvas  "Place Setting" - X Formation  "Place Settings"- Square Formation "Place Setting" - Circle Formation 
 "Place Settings" - Rectangle Formation  #1 - Place Setting  #2 - Place Setting  #3 - Place Setting
 #4 - Place Setting  #5 - Place Setting  #6 - Place Setting  #7 - Place Setting
#8 - Place Setting      
Aimee I. Margolis


I am portraying my child's hands and my own in a series called PLACE SETTING Series of photography plates. I arrange the plates on the wall in FORMATIONS. I am using the plates to symbolize the relationship of women and nurturing that surrounds the act of caring and giving of food and the circle of life.

These 3-dimensional plates provide a pattern, these FORMATIONS act as a safe boundary or territory on the wall for the continuum of the circle of life.

Individual plates $200. each. The wall Formations are $1,000 and up includes installation of the piece by the artist.
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