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3 Muses - oil & collage on canvas 70 x 82 in. Mount Tibor - oil on canvas 45 x 32 in. Honk, Honk -oil on canvas 57 x 60 in. Stripes - oil & charcole on canvas 54 x 54 in.
Red Torso - oil on canvas 36 x 40 inches How to Draw - oil & wax on canvas 54 x 54 in. How to Draw II - oil & wax on canvas 54 x 54 in "Sum of it's Parts - Mural on canvas - 6 ft. x 5ft.
Detail of "Sum of it's Parts" Chatham House Mural West Side Institutional Mural West Side Institutional Mural
"Memorially" - Detail
Colored Photo-Plates on painted canvas.
24" x 24"
"Memorially" Painting on canvas with 4 plates "Memorially" - Detail
Colored Photo-Plates on canvas.
24" x 24"
"Mazal Tov" plate on canvas
 "Red Hand" - Plate on sand and acrylic painting 16 x 15"  "Blue Hand" - Plate on sand and acrylic painting 16 x 15"    

Aimee I. Margolis

FIGURATIVE LANDSCAPES are large oil paintings on canvas. I did these paintings in Israel where the light and the landscapes are extraordinary. I integrated the people with the land and made them as one. These paintings when I showed them in Tel-Aviv and Beersheva were banned by the religious, but nothing bad happened except a few eggs thrown at the galleries. New York is much more prudish about art, I have never shown the thirty FIGURATIVE LANDSCAPE paintings in the United States.

MURALS are usually commissioned pieces. They are fun to do and you get immediate feedback. These examples are for a school and apartment building.

MEMORIALLY is photography plates and painting on canvas. These cats are a memorial to good friends that have passed away.

MAZAL TOV is a plate on an acrylic painting 24 x 24" in size. I am now doing a series of colored plates of hands. Painting with sand and acrylic paints on velvet canvas. Very rich and textural, the paintings are 16 x 15" in size.

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Artist in Tel-Aviv with "3 Muses"

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